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Vol 8 (2019): The Government
Published: 2019-12-09


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 The Government is recognized in 'Y Category', by Higher Education Commission of Pakistan (HEC)
The Government offers an opportunity to the readers to be benefited from the advance knowledge and original research more frequently available to them. The collection of nine articles provides innovative research on variety of issues addressing Government, Media, History, Religion, National and International Politics.
The Government has always endeavored to maintain the high standard and proved to be an outstanding resource of publishing excellent quality research material. After getting included in EBSCO data-base, the government has recently been included in IPSA database (International Political Science Abstracts) also published by Sage, and marketed by both EBSCO and Ovid.
We are obliged to our national and international peer reviewers for their unconditional support in bringing out this supplementary edition almost immediately after the Vol III. Last but not the least, we are grateful to our whole editorial board for their continuous help and support in accomplishing the task efficiently.
We look forward to receive, research articles, positive criticism, feedback (if any) and suggestions for upcoming volume. 

Chief Editor
Prof. Dr. Kiran Sami Memon