Enterprise Application Integration Adoption in Health Industries of Pakistan

  • Ms. Tahira Qadeer
  • Mr. Zuhaib Bashir


Scientific inventions changed the course of history whereby world has become global village, this became possible with the invention of internet revolution. The present societies are data driven whereby everything is stored in data-based systems. Single click could bring us whole world at our hand to watch everything of everywhere else in the world. Scientific knowledge has served the interests of human being in best way according to the modern age demands. Every institute needs an innovation to be productive and result oriented.
The central theme of this study is an adaptation of Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) into the health industry of Pakistan. The present research study has been carried out to find out the influential factors affecting the enterprise application integration adoption into the health industry of Pakistan. The selection of the participants was made on the basis of their positioning into the health industry. So, the participants were selected from managerial level for data collection process. Reviewing the literature on the entitled topic, it is revealed that very fewer researchers have worked in this area. The present study will fill the knowledge gap in understanding the factors which affect the adaptation process of enterprise integrating applications into health industry of Pakistan. The present research will be helpful for policy makers in the health care systems of Pakistan.