The Effect of Training, Organizational Learning and Job Satisfaction on the Organizational Performance: A Conceptual Study

  • Mr. Abdul Rahim Chandio
  • Mr. Sohail Ahmed


The existing study keeps a broad discussion concerning the diverse determinants to impact organizational performance in the contemporary world. There are number of factors such as job satisfaction, training, and organizational learning that mobilizes to affect the organizational performance in order to attain an organizational goal. This study aimed to give a conceptual framework of the organizational performance which requires training as the vital instrument for an organization to preserve the organizational productivity and employees’ development and performance to meet the set task of an organization. Moreover, proposed variables for instance job satisfaction and organizational learning and training can assist the employees to give the priority organizational targets to invest his/her human capital and apply the determination in the best interest of the organizational success. The designed conceptual frame model in this study develops a viewpoint regarding the organizational performance via the impact of training, job satisfaction, and organizational learning and the prevailing study also encompasses the limitations and future direction to urge the coming researchers to apply the present study as an empirical study.