Evaluation of Assessment Criteria of English Language at Higher Secondary Level of BISE Sukkur

  • Ms. Sania Memon
  • Mr. Muhammad Ashraf Joyo


This study aims to investigate the weaknesses of assessment criteria in respect to the proficiency in the English subject of grade XI & XII through examination papers conducted every year. The study is carried out to evaluate BISE Sukkur’s annual question papers for the years 2013 to 2016. Following Bloom’s learning taxonomy as a theoretical framework. The data has been collected from the hand book of National Curriculum Document (NCD) 2006 since the board refused to extend its Student Learning Objectives (SLO). The study is qualitative in nature. The descriptive qualitative analysis is used to interpret the data. The curriculum objectives and the issues regarding the nature of assessment have been studied and evaluated in the light of the NCD criteria. The findings of the present study explore that there is a dire need of developing the quality assessment in order to achieve the desired learning outcomes. The present way of assessment suffers from several drawbacks like assessing lower level skills and rote learning. The assessment methods have not been implemented practically to achieve learning outcomes.