A Comparative Study on Portrayal of Marvi in Shah Jo Risalo and Cordelia in King Lear; As a Female Character

  • Maria Khushk
  • Abdul Naeem


This paper on the topic “A Comparative study on portrayal of Marvi in Shah Jo Risalo and Cordelia in King Lear; as a female character” is a textual analysis in this research. Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai, a famous poet of Sindh and William Shakespeare very much famous in English Literature; female characters have been taken from both poets’ poetry. This research paper covers the feminist aspect or portrayal and image of woman in the poetry of both poets; it’s a comparative study of both poets about woman and their depiction of female character; especially Marvi a female folk character of Sindh from Shah Jo Risalo of Shah Latif and Cordelia from King Lear Play of William Shakespeare. The portrayal of woman is depicted in the poetry of both poets especially these both characters are symbol of courage, love, straightforwardness, unselfishness, patriotism. The image of woman shown in the poetry especially in these two characters is based on sufferings and pains which leads towards reward, loyalty, honesty and truthfulness. These are victim of male dominant and patriarchal society also that why Cordelia suffers because of patriarchy an Marvi because of male dominance but both never withdraw from their cause and words; keeps striving and struggle together.