Sindh University Journals Online (SUJO) is an online journal management and publishing system that has been adopted by the university in continuation of the efforts to expand and improve access to research.

SUJO is an initiative of the office of the Web Administrator and its locally controlled and administered by the office. There are different journals published by the university in the disciplines of Science, Arts, Social Science etc which have been made online here on this system. Each journal allows Online submission and management of all content. Besides, the journals also allow Comprehensive indexing of content,Reading Tools for content, Email notification and commenting ability for readers, Complete context-sensitive online Help support.

SUJO provides assistance with every stage of the refereed publishing process, from submissions through to online publication and indexing. Through its management systems, its finely grained indexing of research, and the context it provides for research, SUJO seeks to improve both the scholarly and public quality of refereed research.

SUJO operates on open access policy, as open access can increase a journal’s readership as well as its contribution to the public good on a global scale.

Dr. Kamran Brohi
Journal Manager & Web Admin


  • University of Sindh Journal of Finance, Economics and Management Sciences (USJFEM)

    In this modern era, the scientific research and innovations is taking the front line in academia and amongst the academicians. The University of Sindh Journal of Finance, Economics and Management Sciences (USJFEM) aims to publish articles dealing with theoretical and empirical studies in Finance, Banking, Accounting, Human Resources Management, Marketing, Economics, and relevant interdisciplinary topics while maintaining the high standards of a fully refereed academic journal. Its primary focus will be on empirical studies utilizing recent advances in financial economics with an emphasis on the policy relevance of the findings. USJFEM will be an open access International refereed research publishing journal with a focused aim on promoting and publishing original high quality research.

    Prof. Dr. Imdad Ali Ismaili

    Dr. Zulfiqar Ali Memon

  • Asia-Pacific - Annual Research Journal of Far EastT & South East Asia

     The journal is recognized in ‘Z category’ by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan (HEC).  ASIA PACIFIC Research Journal of Far East & South East Asia is published annually by the Area Study Centre, Far East & South East Asia, University of Sindh, Jamshoro, Pakistan.
    The major object of bringing out this journal is to provide a forum for scholars engaged in the study of the Far East & South East Asia region, especially in the field of Politics, Economics, History and Sociology.

    Editor In-Cheif
    Professor Dr. Ghulam Akbar Mahesar

    Dr. Mukesh Kumar Khatwani
    Associate Professor

  • An International Research Journal of Language and Literature

     ARIEL is a peer reviewed annual research journal of University of Sindh, Jamshoro, Sindh, Pakistan. It invites original/revised work on any topic related to English language and literature on both practical and theoretical aspects. Submissions can be sent in ARIEL from August till December each year.

    Abdul Hameed Panhwar
    Associate Professor 
    IELL, University of Sindh, Jamshoro

  • Grassroots

     The Grassroots research jouornal is HEC Recognized Biannual Research Journal, Grassroots placed in category ‘Z’.
    The Grassroots research journal places special emphasis on original contributions of researchers to the disciplines of social sciences. The journal strives to promote historical and cultural knowledge about Pakistan. It upholds the principles of academic freedom to create new knowledge and world class research. We also aim to leverage the network of social scientists and scholars in the wider field of social sciences. This perspective helps us to engage the researchers belonging to diverse disciplines in an academic debate and to promote multidisciplinary research.

    Dr. Shuja Mahesor
    Director, Pakistan Study Center, 
    University of Sindh, Jamshoro

  • International Journal of Business Finance and Management (IJBFM)

     International Journal of Business, Finance and Management is an open access, double-blind peer reviewed international journal. Our Research Journal aims to promote high quality, original research work of academicians, and researchers on recent developments in the field of business, management and finance.

    Prof. Dr. Imamuddin Khoso
    Director, Institute of Business Administration,
    University of Sindh, Jamshoro.

    Prof. Dr. Abdul Sattar Shah
    Professor, Institute of Business Administration,
    University of Sindh, Jamshoro

    Dr. Saima Kamran Pathan
    Assistant Professor, Institute of Business Administration,
    University of Sindh, Jamshoro

  • International Research Journal of Arts & Humanities (IRJAH)

     We are pleased to inform all the concerned that since the announcement of publication of International Research Journal of Arts and Humanities (IRJAH) by Faculty of Arts, University of Sindh on various websites including Higher Education Commission and broadened its scope. We have been receiving large number of articles from all corners of the world.
    We therefore request the scholars, researchers and experts in the field of Arts and Humanities to kindly offer their services to work as an expert on any field of their choice given below to review/evaluate the articles received for publication: Anthropology, Pakistan studies, Archeology Architecture, Art, Art History, English, Ethnic Studies, Dance, Film, Folk Lore, Geography, Geographic Design, History Landscape Architecture, Languages, Literature, Linguistics, Music, Performing Arts, Philosophy, Postcolonial Identities, Product Design, Religion, Second Language Studies, Speech/Communication, Theater, Visual Arts, other Areas of Arts and Humanities and cross disciplinary areas of the above related to each other.
    Names of the experts will be incorporated in the Scientific Committee of the Research Journal.

    Dr. Ghulam Ali Buriro
    Assistant Professor

  • Keenjhar - Research Journal

     Keenjhar - Research Journal is an annual, open access, and peer-reviewed International Journal that is published by the Department of Sindh, University of Sindh, Jamshoro, Pakistan. Keenjhar - Research Journal providing a platform for the researchers, academicians, professional, practitioners and students to impart and share knowledge in the form of high quality theoretical research papers, case studies, literature reviews and book reviews. Keenjhar - Research Journal welcomes and acknowledges high quality theoretical original research papers, case studies, review papers, literature reviews, book reviews, conceptual framework, analytical and simulation models, technical note from researchers, academicians, professional, practitioners and students from all over the world. The Journal Publishes in both print and online version.Keenjhar - Research Journal publishes research paper in the field of Sindhi Literature.

  • Mystic Thoughts - Research Journal of Sufism and Peace

     The society of Pakistan is striking by the rising turmoil, lack of peace of mind, and insecure atmosphere persisting amongst the masses. The growing competition in socio-economic spheres and increasing insecurity has created a stressed scenario for the common people.
    The University of Sufism And Modern Sciences at Bhit Shah is also one of the major endeavors to disseminate awareness about Sufi practices leading to peace and harmony, and guidance how to make it an essential part of societal practices.
    This journal is being published from the platform or University of Sufism and Modern Sciences at Bhit Shah which is the first university on Sufism in Pakistan, and first in Asia offering Masters Degree Program in Sufism.The journal is extensive in its scope for the contribution from entire research community. It offers a wide range of issues especially focusing on Sufism, Peace, Conflict Resolution, current affairs, and other topics related to social sciences.
    The Editorial team welcomes the writers / scholars to avail the platform for contributing on issues relating to Sufism and other Socio-political themes.

  • Sindh University Research Journal - SURJ (Science Series)

     Sindh University Research Journal (Science Series) SURJ is published regularly since 1964, disseminating essentially the research output of the Faculty of Natural Science. In this modern era, the scientific research and innovations is taking the front line in academia and between the academicians. The role of high quality research journals is heighted to ensure publication and dissemination of these scientific research and innovative ideas. The Sindh University Research journal (Science Series) SURJ is publishing from the Faculty of the Natural Science, funding by Higher Education Commission (HEC).  The scope of this journal is all fields of natural Science and related fields. This journal is the bridge which is fill the gap between researchers and dissemination of their research findings. Sindh University Research journal is open access journal. International refereed research publishing journal with a focused aim on promoting and publishing original high-quality research. Sindh University Research Journal is Higher Education Commission (HEC) recognized quarterly research journal placed in ‘Y’ category.

    Chief Editor:
    Prof. Dr. Abdul Rasool Abbasi
    Dean, Faculty of Natural Sciences, 
    University of Sindh, Allama I.I.Kazi Campus,
    Jamshoro-76080, Sindh, Pakistan.

  • Tahqiq - Research Journal of Urdu Language & Literature

     Sindh University’s Urdu department is the pioneer when it comes to publishing a quality Urdu research journal. Its journal ‘Tehqeeq’, founded by Dr Najmul Islam, has now entered in its 25th year and it has come up with a voluminous ‘Maktoobaat number’, presenting some rare letters written by literary celebrities. Dr Javed Iqbal as editor of the journal has been successfully maintaining the high standard set by Dr Najmul Islam.
    Publication of research journals is a welcome sign as this does point to the flourishing research culture in the country, albeit some of the research papers published have been written just for the sake of fulfilling the promotion criteria. One hopes that with the passage of time the threshold for accepting the papers for publication by these journals would be raised a bit further.

    Prof. Dr. Syed Javed Iqbal

  • The Catalyst: Research Journal of Modern Sciences

    The Catalyst is a peer reviewed research journal of modern sciences published by KBSAS Campus of University of Sindh Jamshoro, Naushahro Feroze. The journal constitutes local, national and international research papers including but not limited to Critical reviews, empirical researches, case studies and action researches. The focus of this journal is on interdisciplinary themes including but not limited to Business / Management / Commerce, English Literature, Arts and Humanities, Social Sciences, Information Technology and Computer Science. The purpose of this journal is to provide a platform along with level playing field and present the research work of policy makers, researchers, social scientists, scientists, Professors/Teachers and research students globally.

    Chief Editor
    Prof. Dr. Aslam Pervez Memon

    Mr. Amjad Ali Memon

  • The Government - Annual Research Journal of Political Science

     Government is recognized in 'Y Category', by Higher Education Commission of Pakistan (HEC) The Government offers an opportunity to the readers to be benefited from the advance knowledge and original research more frequently available to them. The collection of nine articles provides innovative research on variety of issues addressing Government, Media, History, Religion, National and International Politics.
    The Government has always endeavored to maintain the high standard and proved to be an outstanding resource of publishing excellent quality research material. After getting included in EBSCO data-base, the government has recently been included in IPSA database (International Political Science Abstracts) also published by Sage, and marketed by both EBSCO and Ovid.
    We are obliged to our national and international peer reviewers for their unconditional support in bringing out this supplementary edition almost immediately after the Vol III. Last but not the least, we are grateful to our whole editorial board for their continuous help and support in accomplishing the task efficiently.
    We look forward to receive, research articles, positive criticism, feedback (if any) and suggestions for upcoming volume. 

    Chief Editor
    Prof. Dr. Kiran Sami Memon

  • The Sindh University Journal of Education - SUJE

     The Faculty of Education, University of Sindh since its inception has been working for enhancing the quality of teacher education and research in diversified domains. One of the prime goals of Faculty of Education has been to develop and promote a research culture in the field of education. For achieving this goal, it had launched Sindh University Journal of Education in 1955, First in Pakistan, The journal provides academic and scholarly platform to the researchers and educators to come forward and contribute their valuable piece of research work. SUJE publishes original, conceptual and research based articles related to all major areas of education in general and teacher education in particular in Pakistan context.
    The journal provides insightful explorations and innovations in education related principles and practices. The Journal, however, prefers to publish articles whose primary purpose is to report the methods and results of an empirical study. The key audiences of journal are teacher educators, policy makers, researchers, curriculum planners and managers at large.
    The present issue of the journal is 46th since its launching. The journal abides by the set rules and regulations of Higher Education commission (HEC), Islamabad.

    Prof. Dr. Munshi Parveen

  • The Shield - Research Journal of Physical Education & Sports Science.

     The HEC recognized Research Journal on Physical Education & Sports Science entitled The Shield is published annually by the Centre for Physical Education, Health & Sports Science, functioning in the Faculty of Natural Sciences, University of Sindh, Jamshoro, Pakistan. The major objective of bringing out this journal is to provide a forum for the scholars engaged in the study of Physical Education, Health & Sports Science, and the scholars of other faculties will be considered if relate their subject matter with this important discipline.
    *All statements of fact and opinions expressed in this journal are the sole responsibility of the authors, and do not imply any endorsement on part or whole in any form or shape whatsoever by the editors or publisher.
    Ulrich’s Periodical Directory, New Jersey, U.S.A:
    Research Journal- “The Shield” is listed and indexed in Ulrich‟s Periodical Directory, New Jersey, USA and the abstracts of the published articles are cited and printed electronically from its database directory (
    Sports Information Resource Centre (SIRC), Ottawa, Canada:
    The abstract, and indexation of the articles published in “The Shield” are also available at SIRC (Sports Information Resource Centre) Ottawa, Canada, can be viewed electronically (
    ProQuest, Wisconsin, USA:
    The Shield is indexed in Natural Science in ProQuest, publisher and distributor of secondary source reference databases and can be viewed electronically ProQuest - Physical Education Index | Title List (xls)
    EBSCO, Massachusetts, USA:
    The abstract and indexation of the articles published in “The Shield” are also available at EBSCO Publishing, and can be viewed electronically EBSCO - EBSCOhost Online Research Databases: SPORTDiscus ...

    Dr. Soniha Aslam
    Prof. Darlene A. Kluka, Ph.D

  • The Women - Annual Research Journal of Gender Studies

     The main focus of the journal is to promote consciousness and awareness about gender equity and balance in human interaction including academic work. The Women Journal provides a forum for the presentation of scholarship and criticism about women and gender in the fields of literature, history, art, sociology, law, political science, economics, anthropology and the other sciences. The Women also publish research papers / review of books, film and theatrical performances / reports on national and international conferences, symposia and workshops etc. It has a highly qualified Advisory Board with strong commitment to gender issues, representing academics and research from around the world, including Pakistan.

    Professor Dr. Zareen Abbasi
    Editor In-Cheif

    Professor Dr. Misbah Bibi Qureshi

  • University of Sindh Journal of Animal Sciences (USJAS)

     With the increase in population, third world countries today are facing many problems, the supply of sufficient food being one of them. In animals science, we have to understand and preserve the vast diversity of species on our planet. Losing them would be a huge shame and almost a crime of humanity.
    We have caused and continue to cause most of the trouble that leads to species extinction. Just because we are the “dominant” species on Earth doesn’t mean that we can do whatever we want without suffering consequences. Not only do we have to protect endangered species, but we also have to protect species essential to the continuation of Earth’s life. Believe it or not, without animals, humans would die out pretty quickly. First of all, there would be no more meat. But we can’t all become vegetarians either, because there are no insects to pollinate the plants. From animals,
    we can also learn about our anatomy and better understand the function of our bodies, which can help us combat diseases. In the termination, animal’s science is an important field that applies to many real-world situations.

    Dr. Riffat Sultana
    Associate Professor, Department of Zoology 
    University of Sindh, Jamshoro

    Prof. Dr. Tahira Jabeen
    Chairperson & Professor, Department of Zoology 
    University of Sindh, Jamshoro

  • University of Sindh Journal Of Mathematics and Statistics

     University of Sindh Journal of Mathematics and Statistics (USJMS) is the official journal of the University of Sindh and is published biannually. It combines two disciplines and works at the interface of mathematics and statistics whether it is an applied or pure in nature and their applications are oriented to the ideas of physical, chemical, biological, social, psychological, financial, business and behavioral sciences.  It focuses on the papers of all related fields of mathematics and statistics. 
    Besides the research papers, the journal will also publish review articles, single topic-issues. It will also publish fully refereed conference proceedings by following the journal guidelines. The authors are invited to submit high-quality, original work that is within the scope of the journal whereas the targeted special issue will also be considered. Please see journal guidelines for authors for information on article submission.
    If you need any further help or information, please feel free to contact the editor.

    Prof. Dr. Zain-ul-Abdin Khuhro