Importance and Implications of Teachers’ Training for Teaching English Literature

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Dr. Ume Kulsoom Rind
Prof. Dr. Muhammad Khan Sangi


This study analyses the issues and the experiences of senior and junior teachers who teach English literature. The main aim in carrying out this study is, firstly to examine lack of training and its effects on teaching English literature. Secondly, how training is important for teaching English literature at the university level. To achieve this objective, the semistructured interviews were conducted from teachers at the Institute of English Language and Literature (IELL), the University of Sindh, Jamshoro, Pakistan. The findings of the research show that due to lack of trainings, the traditional lecture method is applied in classrooms and teachers either try to emulate the way they have been taught or teach on trial and error basis, which results in ineffective and monotonous teaching practices. This study emphasizes teaching with novel and fresh techniques by arranging teachers’ training and professional development programs for teaching literature subjects and to ensure the practical implication of the trainings in the classrooms.

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