A Study of Motivational Factors for Code Switching in Glamour Discourse

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Fouzia Rehman Khan
Ghulam Ali Buriro
Muhammad Abdullah


Code switching in the conversation takes place in bi/tri/multilingual societies. Factors like context, social distance, values and attitude of the people in a social interaction determine the nature of the code switching. In the context of Pakistani discourse, code switching exists in the use of Urdu (unmarked language) and English (marked language) in general among the educated class mostly in formal interactions. Present research has focused the genre of glamour discourse in a formal gathering for the discovery of social motivational factors behind the code switching in these social interactions through the framework of Mayer Scotton‟s Markedness Model. The study reveals the nature of switching between marked and unmarked languages in the glamour discourse in the perspective of motivational factors which are controlled by the prevalent circumstances and cultural norms subject to the participants (speaker, listener, audience etc.) of the discourse.

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