Artistic and Contemplative View of Latif‟S Poetry With Special Reference to Shah‟S Melody
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Shah Latif, Kalhoras, Mysticism, Ameer Khusro, Music.


Shah Abdul Latif was a great poet, intellectual, mystic, saint and a true lover of Holy Prophet. His poetry conveys a message of humanity brimmed up with content. God dwells in every heart of men. Says Latif, God resides in hearts, we need to identify Him. Holy Quran is source of guidance. Shah Sahib composed his poetry by following Holy Quran. Therefore, directly or indirectly it reflects Holy Quran. He says:


Baits of Shah Sahib are brimmed up with innovation and individuality. His way of expression is marvelous in all regards of art, solicitude, pragmatics, literature and language. His poetry is undulating like a popply ocean. He says in one of his melodies.


It defines that life is name of continuous and untiring effort. One who follows pantheism faces many obstacles but God helps him who follows the path of pantheism. When a vertible seeker tries to get something he achieves destination. Continuous struggle bestows destination and man becomes content.

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