The name of Dr. Shazia Nauman, Associate Professor, Riphah University, Lahore hadbeen omitted due to oversight on the part of main author of the manuscript in thepaper entitled ―Patterns of learning styles through e- learning in Pakistan‖.Hence, Dr. Shazia Nauman‘s name may be read included as fourth author in the given paper in IRJAH Volume 46, No. 46, 2018<

There was an error in the title of manuscript of Dr. Claire Chambers and Dr. Nukhbah Taj Langah entitled ―Something to Tell You: Spaces for Dialogue in Postcolorial London‖ which may now be read as ―Something to Tell You: Spaces for Dialogue in Postcolonial London; instead of 'Postcolorial London‖ in IRJAH Volume 39, No. 39, 2011