About the Journal


Keenjhar - Research Journal is annual, open access, and peer-reviewed journal that is published by the Department of Sindhi, University of Sindh, Jamshoro, Pakistan. Keenjhar - Research Journal providing a platform for the researchers, academicians, professionals, practitioners, and students to impart and share knowledge in the form of high-quality theoretical research papers, case studies, literature reviews, and book reviews. The Journal Publishes in both print and online version. Keenjhar - Research Journal publishes research papers in the field of Sindhi language and Literature.


The aims of Keenjhar - Research Journal is to acknowledge high-quality theoretical original research papers, case studies, review papers, literature reviews, book reviews, conceptual framework, analytical and simulation models, academicians, professionals, practitioners, and students from all over the world.


Keenjhar - Research Journal is a premier resource for original linguistic research based on data drawn from the Sindhi language, encompassing a broad theoretical and methodological scope. It publishes to promote the “Academic Research” in Sindhi Language and mainly focuses on Language, Literature, Music, Culture, Poetry, and Prose.