A Comparative Analysis of Books Written on History of Sindhi Literature

  • Dr. Noor Muhammad Shah


The purpose of writing this paper is to compare and contrast some aspects of books written on the History of Sindhi Literature. It is the Sindhi Language in which first of all the holy Quran was translated. Modern Sindhi literature begins with the conquest of Sindh by the British. Books, magazines and newspapers were brought about a revolution in Sindhi literature. Socialist revolutions and literature also brought new trends in Sindhi literature. Finally, Nationalism fully dominated Sindhi literature. In this paper, I have carried out a comparative analysis of three most important books written on the History of Sidhi Literature (1) Sindh Gi Adabi Tarekh by Khan Bhadur Muhammad Siddique Memon (2) Sindhi Adab Gi Tarekh by Dr. Abdul Jabbar Junejo (3) Sindhi Adab Jo Tarekhi Jaizo by Memon Abdul Majeed Sindhi. Findings show that these three major books on the History of Sindhi Literature are based on language & patriotism philosophy. Only they are different to each other in Diction and Compilation.

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