Asthetic Qualities in the Poetry of Miyon Shah Inat Rizvi

  • Dr. Fiaz Latif


Miyon Shah Inat Rizvi, the great classical poet of Sindhi language, composed poetry on classical themes in the Forms of Bait and Wai. Collection of his poetry is published under the title “Miyon Shah Inat Jo Kalam”. Shah Inat Rizvi comes in a galaxy of great classical poets of Sindh, who have expressed their profound feelings in search of the absolute beauty and the beauty which exist in all shapes of nature, in all creatures, including the beauty of good thinking and good deeds of mankind. Aesthetics is a science of observing beauty in nature, human creations, characters, ideas and good deeds. All the colors of nature, Arts, and literature which provide pleasure and real joy to the human mind belong to aesthetics. Therefore aesthetics analyze literature & arts to find out the basic truth, principles, values, elements, and their compositions, in order to view their existing beauty. The poetry of Shah Inat bears multidimensional colors of beauty in its themes and art. His wisdom, language, metaphors, symbols, all together brought out a classical message of beauty. In this paper, I have traced out some aesthetic qualities of the poetry of Shah Inat Rizvi.

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