A Study of Uniqueness and Trends in the Short Stories of Muhammad Sidique Mangio

  • Dr. Nawab Kaka


There are many names in the history of modern Sindhi short stories, by maintaining the standards they have depicted the true social conditions. Muhammad Siddique Mangio has continued his tradition of modern Sindhi Short stories. He has his own specific diction, interesting language and has unique topics and issues through which he highlights the problems of rural and urban Sindh. He is inspiring short story writer where he comes with the high values. He talks about neglected issues and characters of society. He use to writes very simple and easily understandable language which is mostly known to everyone. Muhammad Siddique Mangio is a story writer representing the ignored and neglected class of society. His writings do help to get rid of tyrant system, for his writings are unique in the way all. In this paper his role in traditional history of Sindhi short story would be analyzed with results.

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