Realism and its Different Types

  • Aisha Sariwal


Literary realism took place as an artistic shift from Romanticism. It was part of the realist art movement that started in Europe in the nineteenth-century and lasted in Sindh until the end of the twentieth century. It focused on showing everyday life activities, particularly of the middle or lower class society, without romantic idealization or dramatization. It attempted to make people believed that only social conditions, heredity, and environment had inescapable force in shaping human character. Therefore Darker aspects of life, including poverty, racism, violence, prejudice, disease, corruption, prostitution, and filth, all are natural products of social conditions, heredity, and the environment. Realism is a school of thought containing numerously related branches. The goal of this paper is to trace out facts about realistic approaches by clarifying and classifying different approaches of realistic thought and presenting a more coherent classified collective approach towards realism.

Sindhi Section