Founder of Sindhi Abjad: Akhound Gul Muhammad Halai

  • Mirza Dabeer Hussain


Akhund Gul Mohammad Halai was a well- known poet of Sindhi Ghazal and expert in Sindhi Abjad. He was the first poet who composed a Deewan of Ghazals with rhymes in Sindhi alphabetic order in the year 1853-1854 A.D. popularly known as ‘Deewan-e- Gul’. In the preface of the Deewan Gul, he describes that the Sindhi alphabet consists of 55 letters syllables arranged in an order according to the rules of Abjid, by assigning a number each letter of the Sindhi alphabet formed Sindhi Abjad. In this article, an in-depth study of the Sindhi Abjad has been Carried out.

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