An Analysis of Ayaz Jani’s Poetry

  • Dr. Ehsan Danish


Ayaz Jani is one of the prominent names among Sindhi poets. There is a social and political background of his poetry. His poetry is clearly influenced by the conditions of his times and the troubles and injustices of his society. His poetry does not only delight but also highlights the political, social and economic movements and national consciousness of his times. This critical study of mine is based on his first book of poetry Darawar Dil Ji Tanhai. I believe that book is his creative, intellectual and imaginative experiment and it portrays with intensity of feelings the pain of an era.
Ayaz jani is a very refined poet of Ghazal. He has composed Ghazals on romantic and social subjects. Wai is his favourite genre in Sindhi classical poetry and he is particularly known with its reference. His Wai is truly comprehensive and sublime in its thought, form and imagination. It is in a way a combination of classicism and modernism. I have tried to present a detailed study of Ayaz Jani’s thought and skill in his poetry.

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