Persian Poetry of Sachal Sarmast and its Inspiration

  • Dr. Rashad ullah Makhmoor Bukhari


Sachal Sarmast (1739–1827) is the Great Classical Poet of Sindh. He wrote poetry in Four languages: Sindhi, Siraiki,Persian, Urdu. His Persian Poetry is highly beautiful and very important. He wrote “Ghazal”, “Masnavi”, and “Qataa” in Persian Language. His poetry is particularly inspired from the Great Persian Poet Fareeduddin Attar, therefore he is called “Attar of Sindh”. Sachal Sarmast was also inspired from Molana Roomi and Abdul Rehman Jami. In this paper I have traced out beauty of themes and Art of Persian poetry of Sachal Sarmast with references to its inspirations.