Critical Study Of Saeed Memon’s Ghazal: Azal Jo Adano

  • Dr. Ehsan Danish


Saeed Memon is a prominent figure among modern Sindhi poets. Apart from conceptual novelty he has done many artistic experiments in Sindhi poetry. Azal Jo Adano (The Eternal Loom) a long Ghazal is his recent publication. This long Ghazal is critically studied in this article. The Ghazal under study is full of various beautiful thoughts, scenes and feelings. It is an imaginary world in itself. It is only because of its artistic, linguistic and stylistic qualities that it does not become a burden on the minds of readers despite its unusual length. It has a recurrent rise and fall because it has many beginning and ending lines. Its rise and fall is like a tide and ebb. The waves of feelings are sometimes high and sometimes low. There are not only crowded thoughts but also the spontaneity of expression in this Ghazal that adds to its beauty.

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