Thematic Analysis Of The Poetry Of Khealdas Fani

  • Mushtaque Ahmed Gabol


Kaildas “Fani” is considered to be one among those poets, who, together with “Bewas” nurtured modern sindhi poetry. Instead of following the tradition of Persian poetry “Fani” accommodated his personal experiences and observations in the poetry .“Fani” belongs to the British period. British period was the constructive phase of sindhi poem and verse .“Fani’s this period displays conspicuously the influence of romanticism and revolutionary thought. We may say that “Fani” was imbibed with revolutionary ideals. In his poetry is displayed clearly the ideal of social equity and (democratic Rights) .Fani’s ideals of social equity are centred on two Points, i.e ( .i )Class based (ii) Religion based. “Fani’s” rebellion against class based society and the ideal of love for the working class is better reflected in his poems starting from “Pehredar” to “Aj jo Awaz” and other poems. “Fani” did new thematic and artistic experiments in the genre of lyric, established many new trends. Intellectually, apart from romanticism he brought the themes like revolution, rebellion, political awareness and class based society in his lyrical poetry. In times of the harsh period of prosody he opted for distinct ‘Martrak’ order in his poems and consciously attempted to keep up the tradition of Chhand in Sindhi Poetry.

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