Research Based Critical Analyses of Some Important Books Written on the History of Sindhi Literature

  • Ellahi Bux Ujjan


This research article is specially about data (year of birth and death) confusion and distraction, in which in years are incorrectly specified. This history of sindhi literature is ancient, making it impossible to complete any confussion in an article a book. All the literary histories in sindhi literature are written passion, leaving a confusion in them, which are solvable. I have tried to clarify some the major literary figures in this research paper. In this research article I have covered some the major literary histories in the field research. I have found some date distraction in famous literary personalities like: Qazi Qadan, Shah Abdul latif, Sachal sarmast, sami, mirza kaleech beg and others. The field of research is vast so, we can solve all these distractions from the autobiographies and travelogue written by the respective personalities. ادب جي وصف

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