Analyses of Dictionaries Complied by Dr. Badar Dhamraho

  • Dr. Riyazat Buriro Associate Professor, Government Degree College Kotri.


Dr. Badar Dhamraho is a famous lexicographer who have rendered literary services in Sindhi language in 21stcentury. Dr. Dhamraho is working continuously in the field of Sindhi lexicography since last two decades. Four dictionaries compiled by him, have published with titles "Sanskrit-Sindhi Dictionary", "Ilmi Sindhi-Urdu Dictionary", "Lughaat-e-SachalSarmast", and "Laghaat-e-Baydil and Baykus" in which two dictionaries "Sanskrit-Sindhi dictionary" and "Ilmi Sindhi-Urdu dictionary" are bilingual dictionaries and the remaining dictionaries "Lughaat-e-Sachal Sarmast" and "Laghaat-e-Baydil and Baykus" are included in special dictionaries. All dictionaries,compiled by Dr. Dhamraho are supposed worth reading treasure of Sindhi language and keeps importance in Sindhi lexicography. In this article above four dictionaries of Dr. Dhamraho has been reviewed and discussed. Key words: Lexicography, Sindhi Language, Bilingual Dictionaries, Special Dictionaries ۔ 

Author Biography

Dr. Riyazat Buriro, Associate Professor, Government Degree College Kotri.




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