The element of struggle and resistance in the poetry of Shah Abdul Latif‘s "Sur Kaohori" and "Sur Ramkali"

  • Dr. Hasseen Musarat Shah Assistant Professor, Government Zubaida College Hyderabad.


Shah Abdul Latif‘s poetry is a symbol of struggle and resistance against oppression and injustice, particularly evident in his works "Sur Kohiyari" and "SurRamkali." Shah Abdul Latif‘s poetry reflects his intellect, consciousness, and profound understanding of human emotions. His poetry has been studied and analyssed by researchers from every era, and his work has been interpreted in various ways. "SurKohiyari" and "SurRamkali" are two sequences in Shah‘s poetry that express the struggles of common people against social inequality and oppression. They have been condemned in their time, but their message lives on, and Shah‘s followers continue to seek his guidance and wisdom in the mountains where he sought refuge. His teachings continue to touch people‘s hearts. 

Author Biography

Dr. Hasseen Musarat Shah, Assistant Professor, Government Zubaida College Hyderabad.



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