(A Phonological Study of Some Sindhi Aspirated Sounds in the Light of ‘Deewan Gul‘)

  • Din Muhammad Kalhoro Assistant Professor, Government College Moosa Khatiyan.


Khalifo Gul Muhammad Gul Halai is the First`Sahib- e - deewan` Poet of Sindhi Language.In this ‘Deewan‘,he has used 54 instead of 52 Letters of Sindhi Language.In his Poetry,the Letters/Aspirated Sounds,which he has used are never used as: رھھ (Rh), ڙھھ (Rhh), لھھ (Lh), مھھ (Mh), نھھ (Nh), ٹھھ (Nh), وھھ (Wh) etc.There are such Sounds/Letters which never used in our daily conversation but are used as the rhymes of Spin (Ghazal).If used;it is in a very small amount. This type of ability is discussed in this paper & the title of the paper is also decided with the reference of these aspirated sounds.In this research especially those type of Spins in which the above mentioned sounds are discussed.In Sindhi poetry,especially in ‘Deewan‘.Such type experiments have never been practiced on spins before Gul Muhammad Halai in sindhi poetry in present era.That‘swhy;the topic is focused and discussed properly. 

Author Biography

Din Muhammad Kalhoro, Assistant Professor, Government College Moosa Khatiyan.



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