Critical Study of Novels Written by Siraj Memon

  • Riaz Kalhoro Lecturer, Government I. B. A College, larkano


Sirajmemon is veteran scholar, researcher and fictionwriter. He is well known by his novels in sindhi literature. He has interpreted Sindh and Sindhi society in his novels. After reviewing his novels, it is concluded that he loves Sindh. He wants to bring reform in Sindh and to create awareness in the Sindhi people. Siraj always wanted to end the old and oppressive system in Sindh. As a humble person he always seeks to bring a new system, create a trend of development in people and give them the message of sacrifice and welfare for their homeland, especially Sindh. Siraj also criticizes the very character of some people in Sindh, which abuses and tortures its farmers and men, and takes everything of the farmers and force them to move to the cities, leaving and losing everything behind. He keeps his eyes shut and engage in the flight of imagination. The context of Sindh‘s history is described in Siraj‘s novels. Siraj studied the history of Sindh deeply and wrote these novels. In these novels, the images of the real history of Sindh are included. Especially, the stories of the atrocities of the Arghun-Tarkhan period, which they committed against Sindhis. After reading Siraj‘s novels, the reader will come to the opinion that, in his novels, Siraj tells the story of atrocities against Sindh in a clear way, revealing the hidden aspects of the history of Sindh and making the history of Sindh straight. Siraj Memon is a true and honest historian of Sindh. 


Author Biography

Riaz Kalhoro, Lecturer, Government I. B. A College, larkano



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