A Research Study about Folk Poetry of District Badin

  • Hamsar Hussain Secondry School Teacher, Badin


 Sindhi poetry started with folk poetry. It started with the folk poets of Badin. The elements of folk poetry in Sindh are connected with the folk poetry of Badin. We find continuity in every period. Although the influence of folk poetry of Badin district has not been limited to specific regions, but to the whole of Sindh and the world. Prince Dodo‘s death is bravery, that‘s why people‘s belief is still established that there is success in sacrificing one‘s head for the sake of the country instead of bowing down to an opponent and oppressor. Honor is dearer than life; my garden is the honor of the nation. Such social, moral and patriotism points of view started from Badin. It can be reduced from that, folk poetry has proudly raised the shoulders of the Sindhi Nation. And from time to time, folk poetry is also playing an important role in Sindhi literature in terms of thought, in which among the folk poets of Badin, BhagoBhan, MarkhanSheikhan, SaanwanFaqir, MureedMaheri, Jaam Khan Chandio, Maulvi Ahmed Mallah, TalibLohar, KhairMuhammad ‘Khas‘ Muhammad IsmailShoro, Abdul Rahim Talpur ‘Hajan‘ are worth mentioning.



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Hamsar Hussain, Secondry School Teacher, Badin



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