ATTA MUHAMMAD HAMI AS A PERSON AND THE DICTION OF HIS POETRY ڊاڪٽر عطا محمد حاميءَ جي شخصيت ۽ شاعريءَ جو اسلوب

  • Dr. Mahar Khadim ڊاڪٽر مهر خادم چيئرمئن سنڌي شعبو شاھ عبد اللطيف يونيورسٽي، خيرپور


Prof. Dr. Atta Muhammad Hami was a man of intellectual superiority. He served the human society in different capacities as a poet, educator, research scholar and politician. Dr Hami was equally good in all fields. He used to consider politics as a form of worship. His unique contribution was of marvelous level. Dr Hami was a nice person too. His personality was full of qualities and traits. He always felt for others and helped the poor and downtrodden greatly. Sense of humour was a prominent feature of his loving personality. The current study sheds light on diction of Hami's poetry and prose works. His poetry is classified into different periods. His diction is simple and illustrated with figures of speech. It is unique diction that makes his writings pithy and meaningful .

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