GREAT CLASSICAL POET OF SINDHI LANGUAGE: LUTUFULLAH QADRI سنڌي ٻوليءَ جو وينجهار اساسي شاعر شاهه لطف الله قادري

  • Dr. Muhammad Ali Manjhi ڊاڪٽر محمد علي مانجهي سابق ڊائريڪٽر جنرل ڪاليجز، سنڌ


Lutufullah Qadri [ 1611 – 1679] was a great classical poet of Sindhi Language. Collection of his poetry is published in a book named: “Shah Lutufullah Qadri jo Kalam”, compiled by Dr N.A Baloch. It is a first big collection of poetry in the history of classical Sindhi Poetry. Lutufullah Qadri has made a great contribution not only in quantity but with all the great classical qualities of Language, Art and Philosophy. He composed poetry with patristic sprit. In this paper, I have reviewed his poetry with comparison to the history of Sindhi classical poetry and have find out the worth and uniqueness of his Language, Art and Philosophy of the poetry.

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