ANALYSIS OF NARAIN SHIYAM’S GHAZAL نارائڻ شيام جي غزل جو اڀياس

  • Mushtaque Ahmed Gabool مشتاق احمد گبول اسسٽنٽ پروفيسر، فيڊرل ڪاليچ، حيدرآباد


Narain Shiyam gave a distinct colour and identity to Sindhi Ghazal, he introduced new traditions in it. He fundamentally changed the very outlook, dialect and diction of the Sindhi Ghazal. Shiyam with his unique, soft and delicate style and diction brought a distinct colour and character in Sindhi Ghazal. The characteristic features of giving new meaning to similes, metaphors and expressions and by using imagination in a natural way and uniqueness of his style and diction combine to make Narain Shayam’s Ghazal immortal and enduring.
Shayam’s Ghazal is not only known for its uniqueness, delicacy and imaginative diction but also its distinguishing features like universality, imagination, personification, creative usage of language, existentialism and reflection of modern urban life blessed his Ghazal a distinct identity.

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