SINDHI POETRY WRITTEN FOR CHILDREN سنڌي ٻاراڻي شاعريءَ جو مطالعو

  • Dr. Shazia Pitafi ڊاڪٽر شازيه پتافي


Children’s literature refers to books, stories and poems that are created for children. William Wordsworth said, “The child is the father of the man”. Therefore, children literature has great importance. It plays crucial role in developing reading skills, stimulates imagination and creativity. Through stories and poems children learn about emotions, relationships and various social situations. It also contains moral and ethical lessons. They learn about values such as honesty, kindness, resilience and respect. In this paper, Sindhi poetry written for children is analyzed. Poets expressed their love for young human beings, depicted their innocent desires, likes and dislikes, gave them message of bravery, honesty and kindness.

Sindhi Section