EFFERTS OF DR. N.A. BALOCH IN COMPILATION OF POETRY OF SHAH INNAT ميين شاهه عنات جي ڪلام کي سهيڙڻ ۾ ڊاڪٽر نبي بخش خان بلوچ جون خدمتون

  • Dr. Rehana Nazir ڊاڪٽر ريحانه نذير


Dr. Nabi Bux Balouch is one of the most prominent literary Scholar of Sindh. Dr. Balouch started his literary career by writing folk literature and later translated several works from other languages like persion, Arbic, English etc, for the benefit of Sindhi Language, literature and masses. He wrote many books being an Literary Scholar, Linguist and Historian. In this Paper, I will portray his efforts in collating works of classical poetry, particularly his research efforts in collecting and explaning Shah Inaat’s poetry.

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