THE IMPACTS OF THE POETRY OF SHAH ABDUL LATIF ON THE POETRY OF SOOFI SADIQUE FAQEER صوفي صادق فقير جي ڪلام تي شاهه عبداللطيف جي ڪلام جو اثر

  • Dr. Shafique Ahmed Shahani ڊاڪٽر شفيق احمد شاهاڻي چيئر مئن، سنڌي شعبو گورنمينٽ ڪاليج يونيورسٽي، حيدرآباد


The poetry of Shah Latif Bhittai is very thought full and full of spiritual meanings. Soofi Sadique Faqeer ‘Sidique’ is inspired of Shah Abdul Latif’s poetry, he wrote kalam which is known as ‘Ragnama’, it is still sung in the Mehfil of Shah Inayats Dargah every week continuously. Soofi Sadique Faqeer is follower of Shah Inayat Shaheed of Jhok as well as Shah Latif Bhittai. It was Mughal Period (1595-1736) in which Shah Inayat was Murdered in 1718, through a conspiracy of Mughal Nawab and local fuedals and Pirs of Sindh. Shah Inayat was a Guide and Leader of peasent class of Lower Sindh.

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