A RESEARCH STUDY OF PUBLISHED BOOKS OF NIAZ HIMAYOONI نياز همايونيءَ جي ڇپيل ڪتابن جو تحقيقي جائزو

  • Nasreen Thebo نسرين ٿيٻو اسسٽنٽ پروفيسر گورنمينٽ گرلس ڪاليج، ڪوٽڙي


Niaz Himyooni (1928 – 2003) is prominent Sindhi Poet, Research Scholar and Translator. He emerged as Nationalist Poet in Sindh. His poetry is encouraging and includes the historical background of Sindh. He translated classical and modern poetry of prominent Sindhi poets including Shah Abdul Latif in Persian and Urdu. He translated many Persian books into Sindhi Language on History of Sindh. He compiled many books, carried out research work and wrote a book on “History of Tib in Sindh”. Although Niaz Himayooni was educated from “Madarsah” but he got a progressive thinking which can be witnessed in his poetry. He has used innovative similes and metaphors belonging to the soil of Sindh. We can find him more objective rather than being subjective in his systematic thoughts. In this paper I have analyzed of all the published books of Niaz Himayooni showing all details\contents of books.

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