THE STUDY OF VARIOUS ASPECTS OF SHAH ABDUL LATIF’S POETRY شاھ عبداللطيف ڀٽائي جي شاعريءَ جي مختلف پهلوئن جو تحقيقي اڀياس

  • Dr. Zulfiqar Ali Jalbani ڊاڪٽر ذوالفقار علي جلباڻي اسسٽنٽ پروفيسر گورنمينٽ، بوائز ڊگري ڪاليج محرابپور


Shah Abdul Latif proved by examples the highest spiritual and literary exceptional ability of Sindh. He was gifted by the power of depiction the soul and prevailing conditions of Indus valley. As far as the choice of the subject is concerned. The great saint and poet of Indus valley is in line with the Quran. In Holy Quran contemptible objects as Spider, Bee, intend cow etc. are exemplified and given importance. Here what we mean is that various subjects were apt to inspire the human being at different periods of human evolution to their levels.
Shah deals with the life of fisherman, a spinner, a peasant, yogi and a prince with equal ease and familiarity. He talks flawless in their idioms and phrases that everyone can feel as if he perfectly belonged their class, when he deals with man, woman or child becomes one himself. The breadth and depth of view bestow the capacity to integrate by the dimensions of art, creation, we mean breadth, depth and highest of his ideas. We mean how for his insight reaches.

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