Sindhi Poetry before Islam

  • Dr. Ghulam Ali Allana


Sindhi language possesses very rich literary traditions. Sindhi is a living and a thriving language. Its writers have contributed extensively in every field and form of its literature-folk as well as other forms: classical as well as pervianised and modern forms from the period long before the advent of Islam in Sindh in 93 A.H./711 A.D. Some examples of literary forms have been found from the libraries and temples of old states of Kutch, Gujrat, Rajasthan, Hariana and Hamachal Pardesh of India. The second and 5th centuring A.D., i.e. 500 yeas before the conquest of Arabs in Sindh in the year 93 A.H./711 A.D. The scholars like Dr. Muhammad Hassan, Dr. S.K. Chatterji and Dr. Murlidhar Jetley have quotted some instances of the earliest poetry of second century.

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