An Analytical Study of M.Kalmal’s Ode

  • Dr. Jagdesh Lachhani


There are many who write for name and fame, personal benefits, reverence and to gain a position in the society. But, there are few who consider literature as the wealth of life and a source to contribute and serve human society, they devote their whole life in contributing literature to the cause of education and development of the Society. M.Akmal is one of few who did not use literature as the source of personal gains and up gradation. Though he contributed almost in all the form of prose and poetry, but basically he is a Poet. He has composed almost 800 ode (Ghazal) His poetry is crammed with all characteristics of Art. He does try to create fresh words, which provides rare and individual colour and beauty to his poetry. His thoughts are balance and ripe in providing spiritual and mental comfortless to the readers. He is an Ex-tempo poet his way of expression is so comfortable that, it looks like he does make spiritual conversation with his readers. M. Akmal is the Poet of life. His poetry contains all qualities of the best poetry. So, undoubtedly it could be said that his poetry represents the feelings of all segments of society, which is teemed of all characteristics of consciousness civilization.

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