Marvari as a Dialect of Sindhi Language

  • Dr. Inayat Hussain Laghari


Marvari is a dialect of Sindhi Language, various tribes of Thar just like; Sonara, Sami, Kumbar, Lohar, Menghwar, Mehvashari, Burhamn and Charan speak out in this dialect of Sindhi Language. There are many dialects of marvari, for example: Muslim marvari, Jadhpori marvari and marvari of Bheel. Sindh and Rajistan are neighbor to each other, they were politically, traditionally, socially, religiously and culturally engaged to each other. The sodha’s of Sindh increase their relationship with the Raja’s of Rajistan, marvari spreed out in Sindh due to these relations.

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