Contribution of Sindhi Scholars Towards Development of Persio-Arabic Alphabet

  • Dr. Hidayat Prem


The oldest specimen of Persian-Arabic script is found in Izzat-Bin –Suleman’s Book “Sindhi Manzoomia” written in 1067-1069A.H. In this book additional dots have been given to Arabic letters for typical Sindhi phonemes. Makhdoom Abul Hassan wrote a book entitled “Muquadam-ul-Salwat” in 1700AD, he inverted dot of legislatives for pure Sindhi sounds, many of them are still in use in today’s Sindhi Alphabet. Makhdoom Mohammad Hashim wrote many books in Sindhi Language, he made some additions and alteration in the Alphabet of Makhdoom Abul Hassan. Makhdoom Ziaudin also wrote many books in Sindhi Language using same pattern. Makhdoom Abdullah Narey waro wrote more than 18 books in Sindhi. He improved Arabic Script and made it simple for Sindhi readers. Therefore contribution of Sindhi scholars towards developments of Persio-Arabic script for Sindhi language is worth commendable.

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