Security and Peace in South Asia: A Case Study Of India and Pakistan

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Ahmed Hussain Shah Bukhari
Jamshed Ali Baloch
Ghulam Mustafa Gaho
Humera Hakro


According to former US President Bill Clinton “South Asian region is the most dangerous place on earth”. Security and Peace is a global issue especially in South Asia after the exit of Red Army from Afghanistan, talibanization, US invasion of Afghanistan, Post withdrawal of Coalition and ISAF forces, Indian involvement in Afghanistan and Pakistan’s Eastern front, Arms race by India-Pakistan. Kashmir issue is the flashpoint between both the countries. Both India and Pakistan have fought four major wars on the issue which has led to the cause of Nuclearisation in the region. The peace process always goes down into the drain due to extremist mind set of the military establishment in Pakistan and Hindu nationalist parties like Shiv Sena and BJP. Peace is desperate need of both the nations because they are spending great deal of their budget on defence which have innervated socio-economic indicators in poor ridden India and Pakistan. The issue of Peace and Security in the South Asian region can only be resolved through perpetual dialogue and confidence building measures.

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