Spiritual Healing Positive and Negative Effects of Music on Human Soul

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As it is known, Mevlevî lodges in Turkey are the foremost places amongst lodges where music is performed. Not only have Mevlevî‟s „ayin-i sharif‟, „Religious and Sacred Musical Service‟ that are performed with music for centuries have resulted in many great composers to come from the Mevlevî Order, but it also allowed Turkish Music to reach the pinnacle due to these composers. The secret behind these melodies that have had us captivated for years are the sounds and words that are taken from the hearts threshing with guidance of spiritual feelings and have been arranged in certain order, strung up like rosary beads. This is what Hazrat Mevlânâ has said about music in Mathnawi-i Sharif: “Those with wisdom refer to themselves as „we‟, saying „we took these pleasant melodies from the divine sounds the sky and the turning of the stars create. Sounds from the brake drum and voices are all sounds that come from rotation of the skies” “The desire and pleasure that comes from hearing well played music, is a result of remembering and sensing the voice of Allah saying „Am I not your Lord‟.” “So, this means that listening to pleasant sounds is nourishment to those in love; and these beautiful pleasant sounds carry the dream of coming together, of reuniting. In remembering the spiritual comfort and discourse of Almighty Allah, there exists the dream to re-live that same pleasure”.

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