Educating Peace and Harmony: An Immediate Need For Progress in Sindh

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Prof. Dr. Abida Taherani
Prof. Dr. Aslam Pervez Memon


We are passing through and witnessing a critical time of history in terms of preserving and retaining of centuries’ old cultural values and norms. At this juncture of history it is very much important not to lose our sane heritage we have lived with and for. If we speak specifically for Sindh province, we need to read and replicate our cultural assets, peace and tolerance Sindh province has retained through centuries. If we want to bar the current wave of intolerance and conflicting situation, we need to revive the culture of peace and tolerance by education our children with cultural and social norms that propagate harmony. Besides, all those basic teachings of our religion, Islam, that urge a good Muslim is one who cares his neighbours and don’t cause harm to any one just because of his/her caste creed and religion.

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