Mannat Associated To Folk Belief at Qadam Gah Mola Ali K.W (Foot Prints of Hazrat Ali K.W), Hyderabad

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Salma Sadique
Ghulam Mustafa Gaho
Ahmed Hussain Shah Bukhari


The present research findings are majorly focused on, Mannat associated to Folk belief at Qadam Gah Mola Ali k,w (Foot Prints of Hazrat Ali k,w). I have given brief overview of the folk beliefs of the people, and their ritual practices for offering the Mannat. The Qadam Gah Mola Ali k,w remain a significant aspect of the religious folk belief. The purpose behind the present study was to explore the notion of Mannat and its existing types and practices in different religions and sects of the existing society. The major purpose of the present research is to explore the sort of rituals practiced at Qadam Gah Hazrat Ali k,w and how these beliefs and practices culturally transmitted through generation to generation .Qadam Gah of Maula Ali k,w is situated in Hyderabad, Hyderabad and is regarded as Najaf-e-Sindh, (City of Hazrat Ali).For executing this ethnographic research, researchers have used the qualitative methods of data collection along-with few quantitative methods. During research stratified sampling as well as purposive/judgmental sampling was used. The units of data collection divided on the basis of their age, education and particular knowledge about the topic. So the complete views may be obtained.

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