The Holistic Approach to Health and Healing

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Hafeez Ullah Baloch


The research paper highlights the importance of holistic approaches to healing. Holistic health is different way of the treatment is holistic by multiple diseases of treatment in which special by through spiritual healing. Holistic healing by we different kinds of treatment multiple of disease holistic in healing the spiritual treatment in special of importance. (Spiritual treatment in zikr special of the importance) “zikr” even Allah is supreme in full concentrate. By means of murshid (Spiritual teacher) and mureed (follower) the spiritual healing, avoiding sinful acts, It is understanding the different states of the mind. The leading of stress to illness and measures to avoid such in the end of concludes a clear understanding of the diseases are not result become of the external environment but because of inner self and the acts of “Allah” is the real healer.

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