Scope of the Journal


SURJ-SS is an open access multidisciplinary journal and publishes high-quality original papers, reviews, mini-reviews, case studies, data sources, and case reports from all fields of natural sciences. We accept and publish the basic, applied, qualitative, and quantitative research in the above formats from the fields:

  1. Agriculture and Biology (Agriculture, Aquaculture, Forestry, Soil, Microbiology, Fisheries, Freshwater & Marine biology, molecular biology & Genetics, Biotechnology, Plant Sciences, Human Biology, Zoology)
  2. Health Sciences (All aspects of modern medical sciences, Pharmacy, Public health, Physical health, Human physiology, Nanomedicine)
  3. Chemical Sciences (Organic, inorganic, biochemistry, physical, environmental, and industrial chemistry)
  4. Physics and astronomy (Physics, Geophysics, Astrophysics, nanoscience)
  5. Environment and earth sciences (Environmental Sciences, Geology, Geography, Metrology, GIS & remote sensing).
  6. Mathematics and computer (Pure and applied mathematics, statistics, Geometrics, Computer, computer programming, software design, and development)
  7. Information and communication sciences (Information technology, networking, social media platforms, Telecommunication,