The Contribution of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor in Belt and Road Initiative: Security & Economic

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Dr. Muhammad Usman Sahibzada


This article examines the contribution of CPEC in the Belt and Road Initiative, particularly in a Security and Economic perspective. China represents the BRI as an interconnected network of ports, bridges, roads, gas, oil pipelines, and rail lines, intended to link China with the nations of Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Central Asia —as an effort focused on local economic combination with win-win results for each nation included. The CPEC is the BRI lead project, comprising power plants, fiber optic links, rail lines, and the Gwadar Port facility. CPEC gives the most substantial infrastructure activities to assess. Critics contend that it is a neocolonial effort to apply the Chinese impact and increment the Chinese force worldwide, and poor nations with heavy loans. Chinese security concerns, for example, violence in Xinjiang and the apparent Malacca Dilemma, are additionally examined as important drivers for CPEC and the BRI.

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