Total Protein contents analysis in muscle of Indian Major Carps.

  • Amina Malik
  • Sajid Abdullah
  • Huma Naz
  • Khalid Abbas
  • Tanveer Ahmed
  • Wardah Hassan
  • Qaisra Siddique
Keywords: Fish, pollution, river, protein,


The total protein contents (TPCs) in muscle of Labeo rohita, Catla catla and Cirrhinus mrigala collected from Jehlum, Ravi and Chenab was evaluated. Fish was sacrificed to obtained muscle and muscle homogenate was prepared for TPCs estimation. The lower TPCs were observed in River Ravi as 2.24±0.10, 2.35±0.15 and 3.42±0.15 for Cirrhinus mrigala, Catla catla and Labeo rohita, respectively as compared to other sites while higher TPCs were noted in fishes sampled from Jhelum River. These results pointed out the elevated rank of pollution of river Ravi. Among fishes, Labeo rohita had elevated protein in respect of Cirrhinus mrigala and Catla catla.