Trash Picker Changarh (Nomade) Community Transforming to Ducation in Livestock Enriched Country

  • Muqadus Hanif
  • Saeed Sultan Qasim
  • Amjad Islam Aqib
Keywords: Changarh (nomads), transformation, education; constraints


The present study was carried out in Faisalabad, Pakistan. The aim of the study was to explore the detail of social transformation process from trash picking to schooling of Trash Picking Community in Faisalabad city. Simple random sampling was used to collect the data. Among six settlements of Changarh community located at different sites in Faisalabad city, two settlements namely Saifabad and 7J/B were randomly selected for the research. Total of 120 respondents were randomly selected from settlements of case study. The respondents were interviewed, and information was put to formal testing using SPSS statistical software. Study showed 82.5% of changarhs to be willing to get education despite of very low income ranging between 5000-8000 per month. There were 44.2% of respondents not much aware of educating their children while 70% of respondents were satisfied with facilities available in schools. It was concluded that despite of constraints of poverty, discouragement of the formal school system, lack of awareness and seasonal migration perpetuates illiteracy, there was increasing trend of getting education. It may thus be suggested to mobilize relevant institutions to get trash picker transformed to education seeker so that they may become vibrant citizens.