Frequency of Abo Blood Typing in Normal versus Coronary Artery Disease Male Patients of District Hyderabad, Sindh

  • Qurat-ul-ain Qureshi
  • Jamshed Warsi
  • Zulfiqar Ali Laghari
Keywords: Coronary Artery disease, Blood typing, Rh blood.


The escalating importance to find out the frequency of different blood grouping in different nationalities as well as in same nationalities with different time periods cannot be denied due to its role, not only in blood transfusion but also in its relevance with some disease. The particular type of blood has always been linked with various pathological conditions such as with thalasemia, diabetes, blood pressure, gastric ulcer, serum cholesterol level and even with cancer. Hence the main objective of the study is to find out the overall frequency of ABO blood grouping in coronary artery disease (CAD) patients and to compare the frequencies of the same blood group with normal individuals. A laboratory based cross sectional work was conducted. The sample was grouped into normal adults or Non CAD and CAD patients. The sample size (n) was 203; the age of the participant was 25-60 (mean= 50.99±9.41 non CAD and 52.83± 8.93) years. The prevalence of blood groups in CAD patients versus normal individual was found 13.8% and 10.3% in A blood typing, 16.7% and 15.3% in B blood typing, 4.4 %and 4.4% in AB blood typing and 15.8% and 19.2% in blood type O. Rh positive in normal adult was 47.0% and 47.7% CAD patients whereas prevalence of Rh negative was 2.5% in non CAD and 3.0% in CAD patients respectively. The study shows the prevalence of blood typing and the comparison of frequencies in both groups.