New Record of Tiger Beetle Anthia Sexguttata Sexguttata (Coleoptera: Carabidea) From District Mirpurkhas Sindh

  • Sidra-Tul Muntha
  • Naheed Baloch
  • Riffat Sultana
  • Javeria Shaikh
Keywords: Anthia sexguttata sexguttata, beetle Carabidea, Mirpurkhas, carnivorous


Anthia sexguttata sexguttata (Febricius 1775) commonly known as tiger beetle or ground beetle, belong to family Carabidea. During the present study. Single pair was reported from Mirpurkhas. It morphometric observation is under: Length of head 18mm, length of pronotum 8mm, length of antenna 15mm,length of abdomen 2.1mm and Total body length 40mm for male, while in female it was length of head 18mm,length of pronotum 9mm,length of antenna 16mm,length of abdomen 23mm and total body length 41mm. Presence of six spots on 02 on thoraxic region and 04 on the elytra is key character of tiger beetle due to this character it is commonly known as six spot ground beetle. Female is larger in size then male. They are carnivorous in nature. From Sindh no work has been done on the morphological characters of tiger beetle, present study is the starting point to introduction of this beetle from Mirpurkhas.