Biology and Ecology of Dusky Cotton Bug (Oxycarenus Hyalinipennis: Hemiptera) From District Jamshoro, Sindh, Pakistan

  • Jawaid. A. Khokhar
  • Tahira J.U
  • Yousra Fatima
  • Zahidullah
  • Farheen Shaikh
Keywords: Biology; Ecology; Dusky Cotton Bug; Oxycarenus hyalinipennis; Hemiptera; Jamshoro; Sindh; Pakistan.


Cotton is one of Pakistan’s major foreign exchange earning crops. It is attacked by a number of insect pests, which not only affects the yield but also exports. The dusky cotton bug, Oxycarenus spp which used to be regarded as a minor pest, has now attained the status of a major pest due to its affects on cotton lint as well as the seed quality of cotton. In the past, dusky cotton bugs usually appeared on cotton once most of the cotton bolls had opened. The damage caused by the bugs on unripe seeds was therefore negligible. Surveys were conducted to explore the hibernating sites in the district Jamshoro. Total ten sites were selected and 3055 specimen were collected. We found that this bug not only harm the quality and quantity of the cotton crop but also caused itching to those farmers who collect the cotton from crop. It was also noticed that they occurs in huge number in September and October when second or third time collection of cotton takes place. The ecological factor like temperature and humidity were regarded as most affecting abiotic factor.